Are you a freelancer, solo-preneur or you are looking to develop a business using your expertise and you don’t know how to stand out on the market?

You end up giving away lots of expertise for free and you don’t earn enough for the value you provide?

Stop! If you were to be famous for one thing in your activity, which one would it be?”
Maybe you feel that finding your “niche” would mean settling for less, or limiting your full potential by only focusing on one activity.

It doesn’t have to be like this.
Finding a niche means identifying a real problem your clients have, that ONLY YOU can solve using your celWEBrity Factor – your unique mix of expertise, talents and skills.

Start NOW by discovering what is your celWEBrity Factor, how to communicate it and how to turn it into a profitable business.

Discover your celWEBrity Factor for FREE

Joining the celWEBrity journey you will:

Align your personal brand activities / business around your highest values, allowing you to live an inspired and fulfilled life.

Define which is the clear PROBLEM your celWEBrity Factor solves for which people are willing to pay RIGHT away.

Re-organize your skills and expertise into a clear, selling oriented personal brand statement, different from the other professionals in your field.

Build a client-oriented digital journey strategy that will give you the visibility you need and convert leads.

Build a concrete action plan with milestones that will help you to work efficiently on your celWEBrity business, without fear.

Build a simple, easy-to-sell service portfolio that will help you convert your leads into clients from the first interaction, without giving away your expertise for free anymore.

Alina Mihai – certified nutritionist & personal trainer

Alina Mihai, a top Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer: “I was running some education workshops but I wanted to develop something bigger. I needed help to connect the dots between my daily corporate job, my nutritionist activity and my desire to educate people.
I also had only a small budget available, so I needed to find a creative and sustainable idea of developing this project.

The celWEBrity factor captured what I could not describe into words and transformed all my ideas into a well defined product. Cristina was able to envision better than myself what I wanted and basically made my dream come true. It’s great to work with a consultant who can understand your needs and wishes and transform them into a concept that can be easily applied to your business.”

Ruxandra Antochi

“After going through the celWEBrity coaching sessions with Cristina I would encourage even my best friend to choose this service. […] It gives you the opportunity to learn so many things about yourself and sheds light upon some potential business directions, which I wouldn’t have been able to spot on my own.”

Start right NOW with your Personal Brand

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Copyright 2018. Proudly designed by SOTA360