Are you a freelancer, solo-preneur or business owner? Sometimes you feel stuck with getting to the next level?

Good news- you already have inside yourself all the resources you need. Bad news- you may not know how to use them, or even worse- don’t know they exist!

Whatever you build on the inside, will grow on the outside. ”
Abundance, earnings, success, being number one in your industry- all these are possible and achievable!

Motivation starts with a purpose. So what’s yours?
Value is created by doing something with passion. So what do you really like doing?
Money is a creative energy- so what can you create that can be monetize?

If you don’t have all these answers, I am here for you! celWEBrity Factor is your FREE guide to build a profitable and meaningful online business

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    Why the celWEBrity Factor tool is what you need?

    It is an easy-to-use tool that will guide you through an easy thinking process of defining your celWEBrity Factor

    your CelWEBrity Factor= the combination of skills, talents, passions that will make you THE best-selling professional in your niche!

    Define your NICHE and the PROBLEM your celWEBrity Factor solves

    Re-organize your skills and expertise into a clear, selling oriented statement, that you can publish RIGHT AWAY online so that your audience can find you easier!

    Help you to redefine your services in a way that your expertise’s networth will increase – monetize your working time in the best way possible!

    You’ll get FREE coaching from ME, if you send me your results with the tool at

    You’ll realize how many opportunities you have RIGHT in front of your eyes!

    R.A- Fashion Entrepreneur

    “After going through the celWEBrity coaching sessions with Cristina I would encourage even my best friend to choose this service. […] It gives you the opportunity to learn so many things about yourself and sheds light upon some potential business directions, which I wouldn’t have been able to spot on my own.”

    JP- Senior Manager

    I am a senior manager, working for more than 8 years in a Bank in New York. When I first heard of the celWEBrity factor, I didn’t know what is it…I wanted to upscale my incomes and monetize my expertise in other ways then my salary, but it seemed to difficult and time consuming.

    After 3 month of working with MC, I managed to build 2 new income sources from my expertise, and get a promotion in my job! It is amazing how knowing yourself and be strategic about your skills and time can provoke growth so fast!

    Start right NOW with your Personal Brand

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      About me in a nutshell:

      1.Abundance & Growth Professional Coach

      2.Expert in Digital Communication & Branding

      3. Mentor for newly founded start-ups

      4.Founder of Women Manifesto NGO that empowers women to upskill their financial success

      But the most important – a person who managed to triple her financial level in 3 years by monetizing my expertise in 4 cardans- employer, freelancer, entrepreneur and investor

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      Copyright 2018. Proudly designed by SOTA360