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How do you know that you need help with your Personal Brand – ASAP!

Evaluate yourself !

You are (or plan to be) a freelancer or entrepreneur and:

– You get new business only through existing or former clients’ referrals;
– When you Google your name — well…. nothing really comes up (or somebody else comes up who has the same name);
– You feel stuck in sales, even though you work really hard;
– You feel ashamed about your website (don’t worry, I was there too);
– Your Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn friends are…well only your real friends.

You are an employee who plans to get a promotion and:

– Your LinkedIN was last updated when you were looking for your actual job;
– You don’t really know what skills, strengths and capabilities of the ones you have are HOT on the market and how they could get you MORE MONEY and A PROMOTION!
– You don’t know what is your next step in your career. You are not alone in this, trust me.
– The only person who knows your achievements (partially) is your boss – or mother :)).

If you find yourself in one of the statements above, DO NOT PANIC!

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Copyright MariaCristinaBanu.ro 2018. Proudly designed by SOTA360