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Are you like Jane or like Luisa?

This could be your story. Check out Jane & Luisa’s background and if you feel you can connect to their challenges, then it’s the perfect moment to reach out to a Personal Branding Manager.

Jane, 34 years old, Freelancer, Belgium

Jane is a talented freelancer who offers consultancy and support to companies in Digital Marketing & design. Her biggest passion is drawing and she is very talented with illustrations but only does that as a passion. She has no idea how to monetize it and strongly believes what her parents told her since she was just a kid: “ Artists are poor… Do something real if you want to earn money”.

She decided to become a freelancer given her desire to have more free time for herself and higher incomes.

The reality though looks a bit different right now: she works a lot, has less time for herself and less than she would earn in a full time job.
She works really hard, even in weekends and is always on the look-out for new projects. She has many skills and interests and feels that her potential could be monetized much better, but doesn’t exactly realize how.

She doesn’t have a single area expertise, therefore she feels she can’t compete with experts in the areas where she wants to attract clients. All her projects come by recommendations and word of mouth, and the only clients source she relies on right now is her personal network.
Even if she is active on social media, she doesn’t get her clients from there, which makes her discouraged to invest more time and effort in social media.

Let’s turn Jane’s story around through Personal Branding
Through the Personal Branding Express Make-Over Jane will, first of all, clarify and define her main objective: to be an artist and get incomes by doing what she truly loves.
Secondly, she will realize and acknowledge all her skills, talents and capabilities. And even more so, she will be able to put them all into ONE CLEAR PICTURE.

The Personal Brand Manager will help her better understand her talents and design for her an umbrella concept under which she can focus on doing what she enjoys most and earn money at the same time.This way she will be able to combine her two main passions: Digital Consultancy and Art.

Personal Brand Concept
The Personal Brand Manger will draft a new concept for Jane: @L’Atelier, a boutique e-shop that sells custom made blog themes for artists. She will be able to sell her creative artistic themes all around the world, having the time flexibility she needed and the possibility to travel whenever she wants. For each theme, the Personal Brand Manager suggested she can also provide a buyers’ journey and for an extra fee she can even put together a digital marketing strategy for her clients.

If you relate with Jane’s story, then is no time to waste! Book your FIRST Personal Branding Express Make-Over Session NOW!

Corporate worker

Luisa, 37 years old, Finance Professional, Spain

Luisa lives in Barcelona and works for a major corporation in the financial industry. She moved from London because she has always dreamt of living in a country where the weather is sunny, so she can enjoy the beach.

Unfortunately her 9/5 work schedule does not allow her to enjoy the beach and great weather as much as she wanted.

All her life she worked for big corporations, having different finance roles. She feels there’s nothing else that she knows how to do professionally, so she feels a bit discouraged and doesn’t know where to start from. Plus, she lives in Spain and does not know the language yet, so the idea of starting a business seems even more impossible.

Let’s turn Jane’s story around through Personal Branding
One day she meets Cristina and finds out about Personal Branding Make-Over Service.
“Sounds good”, she thinks… “but why do I need a Personal Brand when I don’t have a talent”? In the end she decided that she has nothing to lose so she accepted the challenge.

After taking the first two coaching sessions, Luisa recalls a wish she had hidden inside her for years… to become a teacher. She loves discussing with people and supporting them to learn and develop. And because she is really organized, she already runs time-management and planning training sessions for her colleagues.

By going through the Personal Branding Make-Over feedback collection phase, Luisa realized that people perceive her as a great vacation planner. All her friends rely on her when planning their vacations, asking her to find them the best discounts, trips and attractions. And she loved doing that.

Personal Brand Concept
After going through the introspection phase, the Personal Branding Manager can put together her Brand Concept.
@TravelPlanner is a travel blog where Luisa will gives tips for cheap-and-cool destination places and attractions. She will also start offering 1-1 trip planning services, with the promise of a minimum 200 eur cost-cutting if she plans the trip for you, as she is so good with this.

The Personal Branding Make-Over Service will also give her direction regarding her target audience and where she can best find them. Although she might choose to do the business as a side-project for the first year, based on the strategy she could even give up her finance role and focus entirely on her travel business. This way she will be able to do what she enjoys most, organizing and sharing her knowledge in a domain which she loves, while also having the freedom to travel and enjoy the sunny beaches all over the world.

Do you relate with Luisa? If yes, BOOK your Personal Branding Express Make-Over and start a new life!

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