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What is Personal Branding

To me Personal Branding is a Self-Development Process that connects who you are with what you do, and puts it all together into ONE marketable concept.

This means that by using Personal Branding techniques you get to understand what your unique set of skills, values and talents are. All these will be than consolidated into a concept that convinces a target audience to BUY your service/product.

Just like product branding, the personal branding process includes some key components:

1. Business objectives: Life Vision, Personal Goals and Values
2. Product/ Service description: your capabilities, skills, knowledge, expertise and talents
3. Audience and Market analysis: Competitors and People who you have affinity with and will follow you/ buy your service/product
4. Brand Concept: Unique Value Promise & Personal Brand Concept (this is where the magic comes – you get to receive a brand voice which will become the backbone of your strategy).
5. Brand Strategy: What channels to use, what messages to communicate, and to whom.
6. Brand Measurement: How do you know that you are successful? What is your driving force? And how will you measure it?
7. Brand Management: How to progress and scale your brand – whether we’re talking about social media or promoting your services to a wider audience, I give you the big picture and we look into it together.

Personal Brands in the Digital Era

The digital economy has transformed every single human being with a social media account into a Personal Brand!
And this fact drives to the following:

– You really really need to differentiate yourself in order to stand out.
– That’s one of the main reasons why you need your own Unique Value Promise & Personal Brand Concept.
– If you want to influence the minds of your core audience, convincing youth is the important first step. Milenials and Generation Z are the most powerful voices in the online – those who get their BUY-IN, get the prize!
– Communities have replaced segments.
– To stand out and get a voice you need to ask for permission and “win” your right to participate in ongoing conversations with your audience.
– Content! Content! Content!
– Instead of delivering value-proposition messages, YOU should be distributing content that is useful and valuable for the customers and that reflects your true and authentic voice.
– You need to know how to pick your battles and where to channel your energy, time & money.
– It’s not always the case that more more touch points and a higher number of messages will translate into increased influence and leads.
– You need to be open minded and willing to try out new things.
– We live in a time when social media and the digital context have redefined the way people interact with one another, enabling people to build relationships without geographic and demographic barriers.

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Copyright MariaCristinaBanu.ro 2018. Proudly designed by SOTA360