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CelWEBrity Personal Branding is more than just a service. It is a life design & personal branding experience that will change your life.

Personal Brand program structure

CelWEBrity offers a step-by-step guide. This three step program is designed for you, whether you want to start a business or are already running one and want to define or grow your brand and increase sales & profit.

  • Step 1 – Self-discovery
  • Step 2 – Feedback and blind spots
  • Step 3 – Connect the dots from YOU to your future CLIENTS
Step 1 – Self-discovery

This is not a typical exercise you can do on your own, as we will be using specific coaching techniques and self-paced exercises. You’ll have access to three 1.5h individual coaching sessions where we be defining your core values, talents, passions, your key skills, as well your professional and personal objectives for medium and long term.

We’ll also be looking into your digital footprint by answering some very important questions:

  • What – we will verify the most important subjects that people talk about online that relate to your activity.
  • Who – identify the people who talk about you and about the services you offer.
  • Where – find out the “locations” of these discussions.
  • When – focus on the time of day that relevant discussions occur.
  • Why – determine what motivates people to talk about you
Step 2 – Feedback and blind spots

Feedback is a free education to excellence, but do you know the best ways to get it?
Gathering and analysing feedback and taking the best out of it is sometimes a difficult task for one to go through alone, that’s where I come in.

I will look at how others see you through a feedback analysis study in your influence environment.

Practically, 10-15 people from your circle will be receiving a feedback survey in order to best identify the blind spots in your personal brand.

This is an eye opening process where my clients have seen some of the most impressive results.
The feedback provided by your circle of influence will set the basis of your future strategy. I will be looking into each and every answer in order to provide you with relevant insights and a deep-dive into your blind spots.

Step 3 – Connect the dots from YOU to your future CLIENTS

Based on the previous two steps, you will find out what is your CelWEBrity factor, through a strategic brand recommendation.
It is actually the identity that will make your brand feel part of you and that will help your customers to understand right away what value they can get from you or your product/service.

This will include your UVP (unique value proposal – basically the core of your brand), the definition of your target audience, a mood board, your brand identity & key messages – which you’ll be able to communicate to both future leads and the industry you’re activating in, and even a step by step guide on what your next actions should be, the recommended channels in order to reach your audience and specific tactics on how to monetize your brand.

Ruxandra Antochi… and one of my clients said: “After going through the Personal Branding Express Makeover, I would encourage even my best friend to choose this service. […] It gives you the opportunity to learn so many things about yourself and sheds light upon some potential business directions, which I wouldn’t have been able to spot on my own.”

From my point of view, personal branding just requires having the right partner by your side. It’s a discovery process which gives you the right tools in order to succeed, so why not try it out?


6 month Branding Strategy

Plus the main KPIs to follow, so you can make sure you’re on your path to success

My Personal Branding Express Make Over is more than a personal branding service. It is a Life-Design Service.

What will you get out of this?

– A complete analysis of your LIFE VISION on medium and long term
– The definition of your HIGHER VALUES and LIFE GOALS
– The identification of all your SKILLS, CAPABILITIES and HIDDEN TALENTS which can be marketable
– An audit of your ACTUAL BRAND: Perception Analysis & Feedback from your influence group
– Your UNIQUE VALUE PROMISE and BRAND CONCEPT IDEA (delivered in both written and visual way)
– A short AUDIENCE description
– Your ONLINE BRAND STRATEGIC directions, including key messages, channel recommendations and digital client journey
– KPIs and Milestones for the next 6 months: the main indicators that will help you measure your success

Extra Services:

– Website creation: full concept, design and strategy made by us
– Social Media Mentoring with an World Class Expert
– Professional Photo Shooting
– Digital Campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIN
– Content Creation: blog posts, website landing pages, e-books, white papers, blogs, podcasts
– Networking consultancy
– Career Coaching
– Brand Management


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Copyright MariaCristinaBanu.ro 2018. Proudly designed by SOTA360