Do anything you want, but be intentional about it

7 May 2019 by Maria0


Today’s quote belongs to, drum roll, Roger Osorio. I’ve met Roger within IBM, but he soon became my coach and friend.

My mind was all over the place

I was in a very busy period. One of those times when it’s not necessarily about “to do’s” but rather about “to think”. My mind was all over the place, without knowing where exactly I should stop. Also, I was feeling a bit nervous because I was doing lots of things at the same time, but in different areas, and sometimes I felt like people are seeing my efforts as unstructured. That moment when people no longer understood what exactly was my job and I was being asked “What are you actually doing?”, with a sense of judgement.


What was I doing?

Well I was figuring out what I actually wanted to do. And doing it my way – which is by trying out lots of activities.

That is when I first met Roger, who was travelling to Bucharest to deliver a keynote speech.

During his speech he said: “You can do anything you want, as long as you are intentional about it”.


Intentions and goals

And it’s entirely true. Even my way of trying out several things at the same time was fine, as long as it was aligned to my intentions. And intentions are best translated into GOALS. CLEAR GOALS.

And I repeat CLEAR. Not dreams, not illusions not fantasies – objectives placed in time, space, measurable and inspiring for you.

Even though I knew all this theory before, this simple remark from Roger, a high performance learning coach who has an amazingly impactful and authentic personal brand, made me realise that I just needed to structure my actions a bit, based on my need to experience more in order to find out where my path will be taking me next.

Redefine as you go along

And after a long time of just wondering around and dipping one toe at a time in the water (okay, there were quite a few waters :)), Roger inspired me to stop and redefine my goals.


I am growing

Once I redefined my goals everything fell into place.

And even if some people continued to ask what exactly I am doing, I now had an answer: “I am growing. I am developing and I’m getting ready for the next steps in my life”.

And this is what personal branding is all about – inspiring people through your entire way of being: actions, words, emotions, core-values.


You want to define your personal brand and inspire other people every day?


Check-out my “authenticity and personal branding” coaching packages.




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