How to be a “poly-math” without looking Flaky!

6 November 2018 by Maria0

We live in a world that tends to specialize us. The good news is that it’s up to YOU to be DIFFERENT. So that’s what I did:)

In almost 10 years of work experience, I ended up working in six industries, four business models, mixing corporate with entrepreneurship and changing roles from different areas of marketing to product management and, since two years, coaching and learning.
I am what some people may call – a “poly-math”.
What is amazing about this cross-disciplinarity is that I gained knowledge in so many areas and I was able to drive innovation and transformation.
What is not so cool is that because I didn’t have a clear and linear career path, I sometimes looked as “the one who does many things.. and nothing in-depth”, or “flaky”.
But, as time passed I learned how to combat this last thing with three super-easy techniques, that I share with you below:

1. Find your TRUE passion to connect the DOTS of everything you do.
Mine is- Creating New Concepts that can support GROWTH and Transformation. And being able to connect the dots from so many areas is exactly what I need.

2. Enjoy the advantages of being an OUTSIDER.
When you are not a in-depth expert in one discipline, even if working in it, you may feel rejected at the beginning. But being an outsider is exactly what makes you special. Because you can come up with disruptive solutions that are sometimes GAME-CHANGING.
When I took over the Learning Leader role in IBM I knew almost nothing about skills building. Therefor, I capitalized on the things I knew from marketing and branding, until I learnt everything I needed.
In this was I manage to create a brand for IBM Branding and get a lot of people involved in education and that led to a change of the Organizational Culture.
I manage to change Education – that was the main objective of my role- due to the blessing of being an outsider:) And of course, meantime I built a strong expertise in learning and coaching.

3. Be comfortable with the unknown.
As a poly-math, you often need to work on ideas that might not make complete sense at the moment you start. And also, you might be able to do things you don’t know how to do. And this is a G-R-E-A-T way of continuously learn! This is a gift you should be grateful for everyday!
In conclusion being a poly-math it is a true blessing to me!
I devote my life to ideas. I have fun while creating them and I love to bring people together around them.

Hope you also find these three tactics helpful and I look forward to read your comments!

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