How to build a DISRUPTIVE personal brand?

17 May 2019 by Maria0

One of the books that change my perspective on myself is “Disruptive Marketing”, by Geoffrey Colon.

In his book, Geoffrey Colon defines a new type of professional: “The Disruptive Marketer”, which I completely resonate with.

“Disruptive marketers are the creative and analytical experts who are setting the pace. They approach marketing from a new perspective focusing on <<customer experience>> and <<social business models>>.

They adapt to the often-confusing nexus of business, human behavior, technology and communications. Many lack MBAs, but they build expertise in strategy and execution.

They blend analytical and creative talents, excel at search engine marketing, social media, website design and <<inbound marketing>>.”

What can I conclude from this definition?

That disruptive marketers are basically those professionals who embrace change, put the client in the core of their activity, iterate and change even during a project and are super open to change and innovation. They are not stuck into the formal education patterns but continuously learn and use cross-discipline to develop their professions and businesses.

And speaking of cross-disciplinarity, I also apply the disruptive approach to my Personal Branding services, which is why I’ll refer below to the things I found very interesting and true in the book.

Personal Brands in 2019 will all be DISRUPTIVE


The business world’s current transformation echoes the disruptive renewal of the early 19th-century Industrial Revolution. Technological advances, Internet development, and the rise of social and digital media are all contributing to the radical pace of change.

These disruptors replace the old order. If you have products or services to sell in this new environment your brand needs to be creative, empathetic, client-centric and conversational.

You have a Disruptive Personal Brand if:

  • You approach your profession/ activity from a new perspective.
  • You challenge the status quo with new social business models, unique customer experiences, informed insights and idiosyncratic approaches.
  • You exceed in emotional intelligence, data analytics and immersive connections with your audience.
  • You listen carefully to learn what consumers want.
  • You set up extended conversations with consumers to promote products and services.
  • You combine analytical and creative abilities and you are an expert at strategy and execution.
  • You are a generalist who can do data analytics, video production, website design and search engine marketing.
  • You tend to be an iconoclast who thinks and acts differently than traditional marketers.
  • You stay current and you are a lifelong learner.
  • You lead with the heart and not with dry data. To connect to people, appeal to their emotions.

What skills do you really really need to develop to be a Disruptive Professional (and stay in the game)?

Disruptive personal brands’ distinctive skills and operational toolboxes include:

  • “Listening skills” – Conventional brands are built through in repetition and amplification. They believe that if you say something long and loud enough, you will get consumers to believe your message and buy your services. Disruptive brands believe in listening. They practice the ABL approach (“always be listening”). You can’t learn what your targeted audiences care about if you don’t pay attention to them.
  • “Curiosity” – Focus on ideas, social moments and developing products others may consider “obscure, silly, embarrassing or irrelevant.” Having an open attitude about new developments in images, products, tech and the web spurs additional innovation.
  • “Emotional intelligence” (EI) – These marketers recognize that the intense competition in the modern business world makes marketing by the numbers superfluous. Messages that penetrate today connect empathetically with consumers. Such empathy requires a high degree of EI, the ability to intuit what others think and feel.
  • “Creativity” – Disruptive marketers seek rich experiences and connections. As Apple founder Steve Jobs once said, “creativity is just connecting things.”
  • “Abundance” – In his book “Free: The Future of a Radical Price”, Wired editor, Chris Anderson, explains that the abundant supply of free content offers a great avenue for building your business. Disruptive marketers use free content as a source of inspiration and materials for their campaigns.
  • “Story-making” – Disruptive marketers use different media forms to tell compelling stories that earn the affection of their targeted audiences. Such stories avoid “mind tactics, manipulation or persuasion.”
  • “Generalist experts” – Disruptive marketers understand “social targeting” and pay-per-click; they can create compelling video messaging.

According to Geoffrey Colon, “disruptive brands don’t need to reach a mass audience because they don’t need to appeal to a mass audience”.

I believe this is true, and probably one of the most important think.

If you want to build a disruptive brand for yourself – then let’s get in touch!

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