If you don’t make money from what you do…. then you’re being EGOCENTRIC

8 February 2019 by Maria0

“Make sure you do it out of passion and not for the money.”

Well, NO. Really… NO NO NO.

When speaking about your professional life, YOU are a business. 

So as per the definition: Business (noun): the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services).

Yes, it’s important to do it out of passion or to be the best at that service which you are providing. But if you can’t convince others to pay for it, then you are being EGOCENTRIC… Why? Because you think only about yourself, instead of really thinking about serving others!

Ohhh… that’s puts things into a different perspective, right?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. How can I frame my skills, knowledge and passions into a concrete service, that can SOLVE AN ACTUAL PROBLEM or MEET A NEED? 

2. Who am I offering my service/product to?

3. What is my value and the value I create for others?

The truth is the higher the price a client is willing to pay for your services/expertise, the more value they consider to get out of it.

And in the end, we all know that MONEY makes the world go round, even if there are some things that money can’t buy…

And here comes in NAS: 

“Look way deep inside yourself/ Discover the diamond inside /Find ya wealth / Once you get it/ You gotta live it!

Enjoy this track!!

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