As I’m approaching my 30th anniversary 🙂 (yup, the big 30), I started putting things into perspective and wanted to look back at all those people who inspired me!

I believe inspiration is one of the most transparent and honest forms of evaluating your personal brand, which is why I wanted to share with you who are some of these amazing people who helped shaped who I am today, just by being true to their personal brands and sharing with the others their core-values.


“You can always turn the page”- Matthew McConaughey


I was a smoker for over 10 years.

Many of you probably don’t know this, as I was so uncomfortable about it that I was literally hiding it from many people.

I hated myself for smoking as it was contradicting many of my core-values, such as: determination (to be able to give up something that’s not good for me), health, living healthy lifestyle, grit, helping others to transform their lives by the power of example. So, not being able to quit smoking was a big deal for me, and it made me feel like an impostor many times.

And I was really trying to quit. I followed several programs, even some medical treatments and I had also been trying to replace this habit with different, healthier ones.

Nothing was working… Even though I was able to quit for a couple of days, whenever something happened, like stress or a bad day, I would get back to smoking.


And then it changed!

One day driving to my office I listened to one of Matthew McConaughey’s motivational speeches that I truly encourage you to listen to as well.  There was one very simple but meaningful phrase in his speech, that got to my heart.


“You can always turn the page.”

I started thinking about it. And yes, you can actually turn the page whenever you want. It’s just a matter of finding the resources within you. I realized that this was what was keeping me from quitting smoking. An unconscious belief that I’m not good enough and I won’t be able to do it.

Everyday I thought about quitting smoking I was also saying to myself “How is today different from any of the other times when I tried quitting smoking and failed?”

Then everything inside me changed. Listening to an inspiring person, who I believe has an authentic personal brand, got to me. It actually changed my perspective and made me try an entirely different approach.

And yes, I decided to turn the page everyday and now I truly BELIEVE that EVERYDAY CAN BE A FRESH START or it can be a opportunity to accomplish something you didn’t have a chance to do so far.

Even after this change of mentality, quitting smoking didn’t happen right away.

In order to change a limitative belief you need to reinforce it daily. So I started all my days by saying: “Today is a great opportunity to accomplish something BIG. I can turn any page I want.”

After 30 days of practicing this, I felt more confident to quit smoking. I woke up and wrote in a note-pad: “Today is the best day for quitting smoking.”

And I did.


On January 7th 2019 I turned the page and had my first day as a non-smoker.My smile after I quit smoking

And I believe everyone can do this too, regardless the page they’d like to turn 🙂

I really encourage you to practice this simple affirmation everyday. After you wake up look in the mirror and say to yourself (in your native language): “Today is the best day to accomplish the things I really really want. It’s a new page. “

And then, repeat this sentence in a more specific way.  Think about ONE aspect of your life that you want to improve for a long time or a thing that you want to do but you keep postponing. It can be anything, from starting a new project, or applying to a job, to finding a partner, starting a diet etc.

Say it until you really believe it: “It’s a NEW page so I can do ANYTHING!”

I promise you that this affirmation will have a huge impact on your quality of life, just like this quote helped me turn one very important page in my life. You’ll find solutions and ways to accomplish anything you want.

If you need support and coaching, please drop me a message, and I can help you change something that you might consider now is impossible to change.

Also, check my celWEBrity journey, the Personal Branding program that will help you to build an authentic YOU and turn your skills into profits!



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