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Alin Mihai – certified nutritionist & personal trainer

I was struggling to find my own style of managing my business. I was running some education workshops but I wanted to develop something bigger. I needed help to connect the dots between my daily corporate job, my nutritionist activity and my desire to educate people.
I also only had a small budget, so I needed to find a creative and sustainable idea of developing this project.
Maria Cristina Banu captured what I could not describe into words and transformed those into a well defined product. She was able to envision better than myself what I wanted and basically made my dream come true. It’s great to work with a consultant who can easily understand your needs and wishes and make them reality.
The key benefit was that she really understood what I wanted.
From our first session  she was able to capture the essence and connection between my experience, passions and skills.
Now I have my own brand, Challenge the Change, I am managing the entire project and I am developing new skills everyday. With her guidance, I also started connecting with other passionate people and now we are a team going for the same goal.
And probably the most important, I am so proud of my new brand – I feel that Challenge the Change is really who I am.

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Copyright MariaCristinaBanu.ro 2018. Proudly designed by SOTA360