Define the core of your Personal Brand, that unique statement that will make you a celWEBrity, with the help of this self paced step by step guide.
The celWEBrity Factor formula will help you build a strong Value Brand Statement that you can start using straight away on all your social platforms and in your business plans to attract the clients you want and grow your business.

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    02. celWEBrity Factor Deep-Dive

    Now that you discovered your celWEBrity Factor, I am sure you are curious what to do next…
    celWEBrity Deep Dive is a 2-session Intense Program of 1-1 coaching and consultancy, where you will work directly with me. With this program you will:
    • Define the problem your celWEBrity Factor solves
    • Define your target audience and Personas
    • Build your celWEBrity services, easy to sell and to communicate
    • Build the digital strategy for your celWEBrity brand
    • Put all the above into a six month action plan with clear goals, KPIs and milestones

    Duration: 4-6 hours, divided into two intense working sessions

    Limited Launch Offering – 500 € 300 €

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    03. celWEBRITY Journey Coaching

    Now that you have the perfect plan it’s time for action! And because I now that new beginnings can be overwhelming, I will be here for you along the way, making sure that you are
    reaching all your goals, happiness and financial satisfaction.
    • 4 sessions
    • 6 sessions
    • 12 sessions

    Price on request

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    Only if you book it in February!

    Get your celWEBrity FULL Journey at an INCREDIBLE Price of only 580€

    You will get:
    • The celWEBrity Deep-dive Intensive Program
    • 4 coaching sessions

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